Stone Restoration

The Importance of Stone Restoration

Restoring stone to its original grandeur is a lost art. As with any natural material, the porous composition interacts with the elements to produce troublesome bio-growth such as fungi, algae, lichens, etc. which can lead to deterioration. While the patina of these vestiges might appear sentimental, these can play havoc with the longevity of the structure. At James G. Staat, we specialize in restoring stone to its original state and preserving its natural beauty.

Review these stone restoration projects in detail:

Madison County Courthouse

Chase Park Plaza

Key Benefits of Staat Inc. Stone Restoration Services

Dust Recovery Grinding Systems allow us to work inside or in areas where dust must be kept to a minimum. 

Close relationships with preservation consultants provide us with a cutting edge in historical tuckpointing projects. We also stand by our relationships with our vendors in professional, historical preservation techniques and products.

Staat, Inc. has completed some of the largest and most prestigious historical preservation projects in the greater Midwest - Missouri, Illinois and Iowa to name a few, as well as national collaborations with various contractors. The historical value that is innate to these buildings is multiplied when we create the renovation that brings them back to life and adds to their longevity. We take modern concepts, paired with contemporary products to create a unique blueprint to solve some of the most challenging historical renovation projects in the 21st century.

We have a large team of masonry artisans who are timely, courteous, and efficient with an unmatched level of quality in the trade and dedication to detail.  Our vast knowledge of the variety of restoration project types and processes, allows us to say with confidence, that we can handle your masonry restoration project, whatever the size or scope of work; with targeted resourcefulness, we are able to offer our services to work with your budget.

Our ingenuity and efficiencies offer modern strategies to align your project with our vast knowledge of industry best practices and years of experienced, complex historical restoration and new construction projects. With our inventory of up-to-date equipment, we can configure access to a building with the least amount of interruption to building ownership.

Our team is constantly keeping up-to-date with training and continuing education from manufacturers and union training programs, to stay alert and knowledgeable on the latest advances and techniques available in our industry. You won’t find a better team who genuinely cares about the goals of the project and takes pride in their work on a daily basis.