Restoration Cleaning

The Importance of Restoration Cleaning

With historic masonry there are several reasons for cleaning a historic masonry building: improve the appearance of the building by removing unattractive dirt,soiling materials, or non-historic paint from the masonry; remove carbon; retard deterioration by removing soiling materials that may be damaging the masonry; or provide a clean surface to accurately match re-pointing mortars or patching compounds, or to conduct a condition survey of the masonry.  With the proper cleaning, this brick is given a fresh, bright, new look.

Whether they are cleaning their own work or the work of others, the cleaning specialists at Staat Inc., use attention to detail and careful mixing of cleaning agents to bring you the perfect cleaning, for every job. Our work has even been featured in nationwide construction articles, such as Prosoco News.

Whatever the size of the project, substrate in question, or age of the building, Staat's brick and stone cleaning services can make old buildings look new again. Additionally, Staat Inc., cleans new masonry buildings for bricklaying contractors and even offers masonry power washing services.


Graffiti removal is very complex due to orchestrating the removal without damaging existing substrates. Stain removal is also challenging as the variety of substances to remove can include rust, carbon buildup, asphalt, tar, algae, efflorescence, and lime run.  Each type of stain can require its own specific cleaner. However, with the knowledgeable graffiti and stain removal experts at Staat Inc., you can feel confident that the right cleaners will be chosen, giving you fast, effective results.

Restoration Cleaning Projects

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Key Benefits of Staat Inc., Restoration Cleaning Services

Precision mixing of cleaning agents give newly laid masonry a fresh, new, bright look.

Careful cleaning minimizes the risk of damaging the work of other trades.

When Staat Inc., cleans new masonry, it is often cheaper for Brick Contractors than the cleaning brick themselves and reduces liability for Brick Contractors where chemicals may damage surrounding work.

Close relationships with preservation consultants provide us with a cutting edge in historical tuckpointing projects. We also stand by our relationships with our vendors in professional, historical preservation techniques and products.

Staat, Inc. has completed some of the largest and most prestigious historical preservation projects in the greater Midwest - Missouri, Illinois and Iowa to name a few, as well as national collaborations with various contractors. The historical value that is innate to these buildings is multiplied when we create the renovation that brings them back to life and adds to their longevity. We take modern concepts, paired with contemporary products to create a unique blueprint to solve some of the most challenging historical renovation projects in the 21st century.

We have a large team of masonry artisans who are timely, courteous, and efficient with an unmatched level of quality in the trade and dedication to detail.  Our vast knowledge of the variety of restoration project types and processes, allows us to say with confidence, that we can handle your masonry restoration project, whatever the size or scope of work; with targeted resourcefulness, we are able to offer our services to work with your budget.

Our ingenuity and efficiencies offer modern strategies to align your project with our vast knowledge of industry best practices and years of experienced, complex historical restoration and new construction projects. With our inventory of up-to-date equipment, we can configure access to a building with the least amount of interruption to building ownership.

Our team is constantly keeping up-to-date with training and continuing education from manufacturers and union training programs, to stay alert and knowledgeable on the latest advances and techniques available in our industry. You won’t find a better team who genuinely cares about the goals of the project and takes pride in their work on a daily basis.