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James G Staat Tuckpoointing and Waterproofing


James G. Staat Tuckpointing & Waterproofing Inc. is dedicated to bringing its clients the highest quality work in the fields of tuckpointing, masonry restoration, brick cleaning, joint sealants, water-proofing, stain and graffiti removal.

As any masonry or concrete surface ages, it naturally begins to deteriorate, weaken, and lose its original beauty. Dirt, oils, smog, pollution, biological growths, and a host of other things can detract from the appearance of masonry surfaces. Also, over time, the mortar in mortar joints naturally cracks and deteriorates leaving them weakened and open. Worse yet, the masonry itself may begin cracking and deteriorating. All of these problems fall under the category of masonry restoration. Staat specializes in the restoring of historically significant buildings and landmarks through restoration cleaning, tuckpointing, reconstruction, and protective water-repellents. Of course, any of these may be addressed separately, but any full restoration job should be a collective effort of these processes to revitalize and protect your structure.

The first step in any full masonry restoration job is to treat discolored and stained regions with a manufacturer recommended restoration cleaner. Prosoco offers a wide array cleaners and detergents able to treat any surface. These cleaners will alleviate almost any stains and dramatically transform the appearance of you building. Secondly, they will allow for flawless matching of mortar and masonry types.

The second step masonry restoration is to reconstruct or repair damaged masonry and mortar joints. By first cleaning these surfaces, Staat Tuckpointing is able to provide flawless color and texture matching, which is the hallmark of our company. Tuckpointing repairs follow all necessary procedures; grinding all joints to a 1/2" depth, rinsing them of excess dust, reinstalling mortar of the appropriate type and color, tooling the mortar to give it the perfect appearance, and finally chemically cleaning the tuckpointing to give it a fresh appearance. Reconstruction and patching procedures follow similar standards to assure the highest quality of workmanship. Through attention to detail, your building will be seamless, and timeless; a perfect match to the original.

The final step to complete a successful restoration project is the application of water-repellents. This often overlooked procedure is perhaps one of the most cost-effective investments for improving the longevity of your masonry. By applying the proper water-repellent to the proper substrates, a protective barrier is formed, locking out the harmful effects of mother nature. Many of these water-repellents can carry up to a 15 year warranty. 

By following these processes, old, damaged, stained, and weather-beaten masonry can be restored to its original beauty, taking us back in time to the day these structures were built. These procedures also allow us to ensure that these buildings stand immaculately for years to come.

 Key Benefits of Staat Tuckpointing's Masonry Restoration Services

  • A multi-million dollar project resume on some of the largest, most exquisite buildings in Missouri and Illinois
  • A reputation for quality, dedication, and ingenuity which often allows us to fall well under-budget
  • A staff which genuinely cares about the goals of building owners and is willing to work closely with them to achieve them
  • Professionals in historical preservation trained in the use of Edison Coatings and Cathedral Stone masonry applications and the full line of Prosoco cleaning and weatherproofing products
  • Close relationships with preservation consultants such as Karen Baxter gives us a cutting edge in historical restoration projects


The Saum Hotel
Staat Tuckpointing's first job, and testament to our quality work 

Old St. Louis Post Office and Customhouse
One of the most recognized of St. Louis' Landmarks and original home for all federal offices in St. Louis

Civil Courts Building
Built in 1923, one of the largest buildings in the St. Louis Metro Area 

Theresa on the Park
Originally destined for destruction, this historic piece of young American architecture is now home to luxurious loft living 

Cupples Station, Bld. 1
Turning a historic, vacant warehouse into luxurious loft living  

N. O. Nelson BuildingThe nationally recognized historic marker and center of the historic town of Leclaire, IL 

Missouri Botanical Gardens
The world renowned leaders in botanical studies and preservation 

SJI Properties
One of Landmarks of St. Louis' "2000 Most Enhanced Buildings" 

6138-6146 Delmar
Winner of Landmarks of St. Louis' "2004 Most Enhanced Building" award 

Roberts Lofts
Former home of the St. Louis Board of Education and the first St. Louis City Library 

White House Retreat
The pristine Jesuit retreat for more than 5,000 annual visitors from around the Midwest  

Locust Lofts
One of St. Louis' "2006 Most Enhanced Buildings"  

Schurz/Bingham Hall
Revamping the University of Missouri-Columbia campus.  

Owning numerous sets of modular staging, hundreds of feet of scaffolding, and man-lifts of all different sizes, James G. Staat Tuckpointing Inc. is fully capable of handling jobs of any size.  Dust Recovery Grinding Systems allow us to work inside or in areas where dust must be kept to a minimum.  Our large employee base results in timely, efficient working schedules regardless of the size of the job.  Finally, our vast knowledge of the variety of restoration project types and processes allows us to say with confidence, that we can handle your masonry restoration project, whatever the size or scope of work. 

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