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James G Staat Tuckpoointing and Waterproofing


James G. Staat Tuckpointing & Waterproofing Inc. is dedicated to bringing its clients the highest quality work in the fields of tuckpointing, masonry restoration, brick cleaning, joint sealants, water-proofing, stain and graffiti removal.


Staat Tuckpointing is proud to have been a part of the renovation of the old St. Louis City Board of Education building.  For nearly a century, this building has stood at the corner of 9th and Locust.  The building was originally constructed in 1911 and soon served as the administration building for the entire St. Louis educational system.  On its upper floors, the Roberts Lofts Building hosted the first St. Louis City Library.   

Coveted for its impressive, and rare, exterior brown-stone on the lower floors, the newly renovated building is now home to the latest in luxurious loft living.  James G. Staat Tuckpointing Inc. is provided masonry restoration for nearly the entire building which includes restoration cleaning of the brick and delicate brown-stone, tuckpointing, masonry coatings, paint stripping, and stone patching.   

Staat Tuckpointing would like to thank HBD and The Roberts Brothers Properties for their cooperation in keeping the masonry restoration of the Lofts a successful and smoothly operating project.

The Roberts Brothers Properties


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