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James G. Staat Tuckpointing & Waterproofing Inc. is dedicated to bringing its clients the highest quality work in the fields of tuckpointing, masonry restoration, brick cleaning, joint sealants, water-proofing, stain and graffiti removal.


In 1916, St. Louis was ripe for a luxury hotel when Ellsworth Milton Statler selected St. Louis for his fourth venture.  Surrounded by diversified economic settings of the "wholesale district", the corner of 9th and Washington was selected.  Statler hired the renowned architectural firm of George B. Fosts and Sons of New York to draw plans for the most lavish hotel seen to date. 

The Statler hotel rose 20 stories with 650 sleeping rooms and an unparalleled ballroom which catered to dignitaries from around the world.  In 1920, during one of their meetings at the Statler Hotel, the "Equal Suffrage League of St. Louis" formalized plans that created "The National League of Women Voters" which pioneered the suffrage movement.   

The Statler Hotel was added to the National Historic Register, but unfortunately, in 1987, a fire broke out on the upper floors, shutting the hotel down; that is until the development of the Renaissance Grand Hotel.   

The $265 million convention hotel project developed by HRI in partnership with Kimberly Clark Corporation restored the grandeur of the original Statler Hotel as well as adding new ballrooms, parking garages, and new addition which brought the total number sleeping rooms to 918. This renovation was just the beginning of a large scale St. Louis revitalization project which has jumpstarted the downtown economy.  

Fortunately, Staat Tuckpointing was priveleged enough to take part in this project, providing joint sealants for the Renaissance, including the EIFS on the inner courtyard area.  The Renaissance Grand Hotel was quite a endeavor. With over 2000 tradesmen working on the hotel at any given time; scheduling had to be precise and highly coordinated.  Looking back, we are proud to have our name associated with such a magnificent project.

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 (from top: the newly renovated Renaissance, the Renaissance's inner courtyard area, the Renaissance under construction)

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