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James G. Staat Tuckpointing & Waterproofing Inc. is dedicated to bringing its clients the highest quality work in the fields of tuckpointing, masonry restoration, brick cleaning, joint sealants, water-proofing, stain and graffiti removal.


After a showing of some of their pieces from their private collection at the Saint Louis Art Museum in the late `80's, Emily Rauh Pulitzer and her late husband, Joseph Pulitzer, publisher of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, decided they wanted a place where they and others could display items from their personal collections for visitors to view.    In 1993, after Mr. Pulitzer's death, Emily Pulitzer contacted world acclaimed, Japanese architect, Tadao Ando to conjure up something special to house the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts; a non-profit foundation that sponsors lectures, symposia, and other programs to bring together local, regional, national and international artists, architects, and designers in dialogue.  What he created was the masterpiece known as the Pulitzer Foundation of the Arts Building, an expression to the Pulitzer's commitment to the renaissance of the St. Louis Grand Center District.  

The Pulitzer Foundation of the Arts is dedicated to the preservation and beauty of art and contemporary culture.  So dedicated even, that although admission may be free, only 50 visitors are allowed in at a time to ensure a serene and pleasant viewing experience.  Light from the reflecting pool dancing around corners and the soft tones of the angled concrete walls create a cool contrast to the vibrant artworks inside.  In actuality, the entire building itself can be considered a work of art.  

A work of art, arising from the concepts of an AIA Gold Medalist. A work of art, heralded as not only one of the most important buildings in St. Louis, but in America.  Feature articled in "Architecture Week" and acclaimed in the "New Yorker", and even featuring in its own documentary on A&E, the Pulitzer Building consists of two parallel, cast in place, reinforced, concrete rectangles, off-set in height and separated by a serene reflecting pool.  Some experts in the world of design and architecture hold it to be one of the finest concrete structures in the country, if not the world.  

The acclaim the Pulitzer Building receives is the result of painstaking attention to every detail, with every inch of the building evaluated not only by Tadao himself; but also two feature artists of the Pulitzer Foundation, Ellsworth Kelly and Richard Serra, as well as the owner, Emily Pulitzer.  

Even with the unique demands and high expectations of this project, we came to the jobsite with the same outlook we bring to every job;  provide the highest quality work available.  When dealing with the sealants, we sculpted every joint to be seamless.  The result was perhaps our most detailed joint sealant project and the ability to bring the Pulitzer Foundation a 20 year guarantee on the quality of their joint sealants.  

We at James G. Staat Tuckpointing Inc. are more than appreciative to have had the chance to work on such a respectable project,  with such a team of professionals.  




"The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts project took a lot of detail to make sure every joint was right.  The Staat management and installers were on top of everything...It was an unusual project in a lot of respects. The caulking on that project was to be as flat as possible instead of concave.  Since it's recessed, we're trying to keep the sides and edges very clean with no caulking on the sides.  Staat Tuckpointing and Waterproofing did a great Job."

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