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Although world renowned, few people know the heritage behind the Missouri Botanical Gardens and its founder, Henry Shaw.  Mr. Henry Shaw grew up in England, but in the Early 1820's, Mr. Shaw moved to St. Louis to start a hardware business.  Unbelievably, in less than 20 years, Mr. Shaw amassed a small fortune with his hardware business, and although his financial future seemed even more promising, Mr. Shaw decided to retire and enjoy the remainder of his time. 


While traveling in England, Mr. Shaw visited the Royal Botanical Garden, inspiring him to create his own such paradise in St. Louis.  Consulting the Director of the Royal Botanical Garden, Mr. Shaw began his planning in the mid 1850's, and by 1859 The Missouri Botanical Garden opened to the public.



Insisting upon having the very best in quality and variety of botanical life, Mr. Shaw personally oversaw the development and cultivation of the botanical grounds.  On one occasion while Mr. Shaw was escorting a lady visitor around the gardens, she said to him, "I cannot understand , sir, how you are able to remember all these different and difficult names."  "Madam," he replied, "did you ever know a mother who could forget the names of her children? These plants are my children. How can I forget them?"   Perhaps this personal devotion to the gardens is the reason it has developed such worldwide recognition.

Even after Henry Shaw's death, the Gardens continued to flourish, turning it's administration over to a board of trustee's.  This period is perhaps the most unique point in the Botanical Gardens' history, because the new home for the administration, was actually the Mr. Shaw's old town house.  This may not seem unique at first, but Mr. Shaw's home was actually located at 7th and Locust. In 1890, per Mr. Shaw's will, his home was actually disassembled, brick by brick, and reconstructed at its present location on 2315 Tower Grove Ave.


Knowing the inimitable history of the Administration Building, we where quite proud to get the chance to preserve the masonry on the building.  Our scope of work covered a mass of areas dealing with full restoration cleaning, brick repair, masonry reconstruction, stone and terra cotta repair, full tuckpointing, and water-repellants.  Because of the great historical significance, we worked extra closely with Botanical Gardens' administrators, such as Joseph Philips as well as with other specialists in the masonry field.  The exquisite window headers required special attention and to ensure we were able to provide the Botanical Gardens with the best masonry restoration possible, we brought in specialists from Indiana to inspect these window headers.  By finding the perfect match, we were able to keep the Botanical Gardens as true to its original form as possible.

We also made an extensive search for the perfect brick match.  You see, when dealing with historical projects, it is imperative that the products you provide, are not only of the highest quality, but also true to the building's history.  To find the brick match for the Administration Building, we searched numerous locations, for hours on end, hand selecting each brick replacement.

Another top priority while at the Botanical Gardens, obviously, was care and respect for the plant life.  The flora surrounding the buildings was the pride and lifeblood of Henry Shaw, and we made sure to carefully work around every last plant.  Special protection had to be used for the grass and nearby vegetation while every product used had to be inspected and tested by the administrators at the Botanical Gardens.

Because of its unique story, the Missouri Botanical Gardens is probably the favorite building on which we have ever performed masonry restoration.  We invite you to take a look at a few of the snapshots we took while various steps of restoration were in progress.  However, to truly enjoy this splendid building, it must be seen in person.  On your next outing to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, feel free to stop by and witness the grandeur and heritage the Shoenburg Administration Building.  

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