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When we first saw the efflorescence and lime build-up on the Pacific High School Gymnasium, we wondered if we were ever going to be able to get it off.  In some areas, it was caked on a quarter-inch thick., but with knowledgeable use of the right Prosoco chemical cleaners, and determination, the Pacific High School Gymnasium turned out faultless. It turned out so well, we even received a feature article in Prosoco News, a magazine which features superior cleaning and restoration projects from around the country.

The following article is a direct recreation of the article taken from page 5 of the Winter 2000 issue of PROSOCO News, courtesy of PROSOCO Inc..

"It was the worst case of efflorescence and lime run I've seen in 20 years in the masonry-cleaning business," said Jim Staat of James G. Staat Tuckpointing. Inc.

Mr. Staat's House Springs, Mo., company was in to clean the brand-new gymnasium at Pacific High School in Pacific,Mo., in 1998.  The smooth orange architectural concrete block gym had lain roofless and exposed to winter rain and snow from January to the middle of March.

"It was caked on solid," Mr. Staat recalled.  "That stuff was a quarter-inch thick in some places, inside and out."

The Staat Tuckpointing crew got to work right after the gym got its roof.  They warmed the inside walls with portable heating units, and pre-wet them with fresh water.

Then they hit the thick white crusts with PROSOCO's Sure Klean Custom Masonry Cleaner.

"It was a straightforward job," Mr. Staat recalled.  "We just went in with a bucket and brush and stripped the efflorescence and lime run off.  The unusual part was the amount there was to strip.  We had to hit some sections several times.

"It was impressive," he said, "the way the cleaner melted the deposits off without hurting the masonry.  The mortar joints still had their finish after the last stain was gone."

With the inside cleaned, and the weather warming, the Staat Tuckpointing Crew turned their attention to the outside walls.  Occasional cold days delayed but couldn't stop them.  Square foot by square foot, the workers reclaimed the building from the crusted calcium.

The newly cleaned Pacific High School gymnasium shows off its improved color uniformity and depth after cleaning with Sure Klean Custom Masonry Cleaner.


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