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James G Staat Tuckpoointing and Waterproofing


James G. Staat Tuckpointing & Waterproofing Inc. is dedicated to bringing its clients the highest quality work in the fields of tuckpointing, masonry restoration, brick cleaning, joint sealants, water-proofing, stain and graffiti removal.


The Gravois Bluffs shopping center, located in Fenton, was one of our largest brick cleaning projects.  The shopping center consists of a number of strip malls located atop two massive hills on either side of Highway 141.  The entire Gravois Bluffs shopping center contains dozens of stores including; Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Kohl's, Circuit City, Walgreen's, and host of other stores.  James G. Staat Tuckpointing and Waterproofing Inc. provided brick cleaning services for nearly every building in the initial phase of the shopping center. 

The initial phase composed of the strip malls on either side of Highway 141 and a number of other smaller shopping units including Subway and  Applebee's.  Besides the shear magnitude of the job, Gravois Bluffs was unique in that it we had to clean a variety of masonry surfaces, each a different color, and all within close contact of each other.  This meant great care had to be put into the cleaning process to keep color from streaking from one masonry surface to another.


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