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James G Staat Tuckpoointing and Waterproofing


James G. Staat Tuckpointing & Waterproofing Inc. is dedicated to bringing its clients the highest quality work in the fields of tuckpointing, masonry restoration, brick cleaning, joint sealants, water-proofing, stain and graffiti removal.

Graffiti and stain removal oftentimes goes hand in hand with one of our other services, brick cleaning.  However, graffiti and stainremoval is a little more specific.  Graffiti removal is fairly simple and generally is limited to things such as spray-paint.  However stain removal can be much more complex and include things such as rust, carbon crust, asphalt, tar, algae, efflorescence, lime run, and rubber marks.  Each type of stain can require its own specific cleaner, such as Prosoco's "EK Safety-Peel" or "Ferrous Stain Remover".  However, with the knowledgeable graffiti and stain removal experts at James G. Staat Tuckpointing Inc., you can feel confident that the right cleaners will be chosen, giving you fast, effective results.

Owning numerous sets of modular staging, hundreds of feet of scaffolding, and man-lifts of all different sizes, James G. Staat Tuckpointing Inc. is fully capable of handling jobs of any size. Experience with numerous cleaners  means we are well versed in graffiti and stain removal. Our large employee base results in timely, efficient working schedules.

Pacific High School Gymnasium
As featured in the nation-wide magazine, Prosoco News, highlighting exceptional cleaning and water-proofing jobs

Roberts Lofts
Former home of the St. Louis Board of Education and the first St. Louis City Library

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